Greens announce rent controls to freeze and cut rents


The Greens will introduce rent controls to tackle the skyrocketing cost of rent.

Under the Greens plan, there will be an immediate freeze on rent and a ban on unfair evictions to halt the day-to-day stress renters are feeling, while an independent body is established to control rents, regulate increases and have oversight of dodgy landlord practices.

The Greens plan will:

  • Cut rents and ban unfair evictions
  • Move to immediately freeze rents when the new parliament sits
  • Establish an independent body to set rent controls
  • Put limits on the amount and frequency of rent increases
  • Increase oversight of dodgy landlord practices, including shoddy or neglected maintenance
  • Expand hardship provisions to help renters get relief immediately

Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown and Greens Spokesperson for Housing and Renters’ Rights said:

“The Greens will fix the unequal rental system that allows ruthless landlords to get away with huge rent increases and unfair evictions. We’ll freeze and cut rents and ban unfair evictions.

“On the first day NSW Parliament goes back, I will introduce legislation that puts an immediate freeze on rents. I’m calling on Minns and Perrottet to finally do something for the two million renters in NSW.

“When the cost of rent is rising four times faster than wages, it’s clear the market has failed and something is seriously wrong – we need a circuit breaker.

“Landlords have got away with raising rents unchecked for far too long and treating renters as nothing more than an income source for their investment properties.

“There are more people renting than ever, and for longer – but instead of ensuring these people have a place to call home – renting has become more expensive, stressful, and insecure than ever before.

“Without rent freezes, rent caps and rent controls, rents will just continue to rise unchecked and renters will not be able to afford a place to live – and be subjected to more and more financial stress.

“The Greens are calling on Perrottet and Minns to commit to an immediate rent freeze ahead of the election – so there is time to then establish this independent body to get rents under control.

“It’s well past the time for Labor and Liberal to end their years of special treatment to landlords and developers.

“The Greens are drawing a line in the sand under the profit-motive of housing so that everyone can have an affordable place to live.”

Greens full policy initiative to freeze and cut rents is here: