Greens call on Newcastle candidates to commit to fund Domestic Violence services


Newcastle (Awabakal and Worimi Country): The Greens NSW have today launched their plan to tackle domestic and family violence in NSW and have called on all Newcastle candidates to commit to fund local domestic violence services.

Greens MP and Spokesperson for Domestic Violence & Abuse, Abigail Boyd joined Greens candidate for Newcastle John Mackenzie to launch the plan the Greens are taking to the NSW State Election and call for funding for Newcastle’s Jenny’s Place.

“We are sick of seeing all words but no action from the major parties when it comes to tackling domestic and family violence across our state. Today I’m calling them out - if they truly wanted to prioritise action on this issue they would find the funding required,” Abigail Boyd said.

“We are committed to fully funding and delivering on the recommendations of the NSW Women’s Alliance 2023 Election Platform calling for Action to End Gendered Violence.

“Anything less is just hollow words, and that’s all the major parties are offering right now.

“Only the Greens are willing to acknowledge that a real commitment to tackling domestic violence in our state, to finally reducing the numbers of women and children dying each year, will involve prioritising funding for vital frontline services - anything less is just hollow words.

“Now is the time for the other parties to show that they will start treating this issue with the importance it deserves.

“When the Coalition is handing out hundreds of millions of dollars in grants and subsidies to some of the most destructive industries in NSW, but then saying they simply don’t have the resources needed to adequately fund domestic violence services, what they are really saying is that they simply don’t see domestic violence as a priority.

“And we’re yet to hear anything from the Labor opposition.

“Newcastle candidates have the opportunity to come out and say they will commit to fund the innovative Domestic Violence Resource Centre operated by Jenny’s Place, a program that will make an enormous difference to the lives of so many for just $500,000 + CPI each year.

“This is peanuts compared to, for example, the extra $30 million the Coalition gave to the greyhound industry for extra prize money last year,” Abigail said.

The Greens plan will:

  • Fully fund frontline domestic and sexual violence services to meet demand, including by supporting women’s refuges to increase capacity and by ensuring no call to the Sexual Violence Helpline goes unanswered.
  • Invest in recovery through funding for safe and holistic trauma recovery services, including for the ground-breaking Illawarra Women’s Trauma Recovery Centre, and increase access to the Victims Support Scheme.
  • Increase legal assistance funding for women and support women engaging in the justice system through comprehensive funding for Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Services.
  • Increase funding for, and the number of, Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations that deliver specialist support for First Nations women experiencing sexual, domestic and family violence.
  • Develop primary prevention programs for whole of community education of gendered violence and abuse, focusing on young people and frontline workforces.  
  • Invest in the specialist sexual, domestic and family violence workforce with a commitment to a ten year workforce development strategy and more secure funding for the sector.
  • Listen to the experts and fully implement the recommendations of the NSW Women’s Alliance 2023 Election Platform calling for Action to End Gendered Violence.

Quotes attributable to John Mackenzie, Greens candidate for Newcastle:
“The Domestic Violence Resource Centre run by Jenny’s Place does an amazing job offering long-term, specialised and trauma-informed domestic and family violence casework, crisis counselling, advice and referral.

“They have been doing this on the smell of an oily rag and it’s time for government to contribute to their running costs.

“For just a $500,000 funding commitment, the incredible people working at the DVRC can get on with helping hundreds of women and children across the Newcastle and Hunter region.

“Now is the time for the other parties to stop just talking about tackling domestic violence, and put their money where their mouth is,” John said.

Quotes attributable to Marcia Chapman, Jenny’s Place Executive Manager:
“It is wonderful that the Greens are supporting secure funding and increased staffing for the Domestic Violence Resource Centre.

“Our Domestic Violence Resource Centre is well respected and supported by the community, other services, government agencies and local politicians. We have sent copies of the DVRC funding proposal to all Newcastle candidates, are meeting with them over the next 2 weeks, and we look forward to receiving further positive commitments.

“There are more women and children in our region experiencing Domestic and Family Violence that need our support and we cannot reach out to them without this funding.”

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