Greens comment on Government changes to planning reforms


The NSW Greens are calling for the Minns Labor Government to keep working on their plans to increase density in appropriate areas following the announcement that density reforms have been changed to suit feedback. The Government should continue to refine their planning changes in consultation with local communities and experts beyond just developers and property interests.

Comments attributable to Greens MP Sue Higginson and spokesperson for planning:
"The Government's first attempt at higher density planning was a hammer and stone against communities and the environment. It was divisive, short sighted and contrary to all the rules of good planning outcomes,”

“The reported changes demonstrate that the Government has listened and understood we can have increased density but it must be done well which means nuanced, appropriate and community led,"

Comments attributable to Greens MP Jenny Leong, Member for Newtown and spokesperson for Housing and Homelessness:

"After more than a year in government, NSW Labor's centrepiece housing solution is little more than haphazard planning reform that will take years to deliver a single home. Changing planning rules to allow developers to sidestep local councils and communities won't improve housing affordability or security.

If Labor are serious about solving the crisis they need to listen to the housing advocates and experts - not pro-developer lobbyists - who for years have been calling for more public housing and rental reforms including ending unfair no grounds evictions."

Comments attributable to Greens MP Kobi Shetty, Member for Balmain:
“It was incredibly disappointing that the Government didn’t consult with the community on their proposed large-scale planning changes. Hundreds of people attended my public forums so they could understand what the experts were saying – that these developer-led changes would not fix the current housing crisis and would not deliver good outcomes for our communities.
The community backlash has pushed the government to change their approach to some of the worst elements of this proposal.”