Greens launch plan to hold the balance of power


Greens launch plan to hold the balance of power


The Greens have today outlined their key priorities ahead of any possible balance of power situation following the NSW State Election on March 25th.

In any balance of power situation after polling day on March 25th the Greens will fight for real and meaningful action to:

  • Ensure no new coal or gas

  • Ban unfair evictions and control rents

  • Start a community-led Truth and Treaty process
  • Repeal the anti-protest laws
  • Mandate ratios for nurses & midwives, scrap the public sector wage cap and deliver real wage increases
  • End logging of public native forests
  • Introduce a mandatory cashless gambling card

Cate Faehrmann, Greens MP and lead Upper House candidate said:

“The Greens are aiming to have at least 7 MPs in both Houses of Parliament after the election. We are in a strong position to be able to negotiate outcomes for the community and the environment in the event that no party is able to form majority government.

“The issues that we have taken to the electorate this election will form the basis of any negotiations we have with Labor to support them to form government.

“As I travel around the state people have told me they want an end to polluting coal and gas, our native forests and koalas protected and pokies reined in.

“Stopping new coal and gas projects means stopping Santos’ outrageous proposal for 850 additional coal seam gas wells in the Pilliga forest and on the fertile Liverpool Plains.

“Cracking down on pokies means implementing a statewide mandatory cashless gambling card in the next term of parliament. The Greens won’t settle for half measures or hiding behind the facade of a trial that has been set up to fail,” Cate Faehrmann said.

Jenny Leong MP, Greens Member for Newtown said:

“Today, on behalf of the Greens I am making it clear that we will not support a Perrottet Liberal-National Government - but that our support for a Minns Labor Government comes with clear expectations about the change people want to see.

“That means tackling the climate crisis, getting rents under control, and stopping the special treatment for corporate mates - as well as delivering on the demands of people who have been taking to the streets.

“With more and more people turning away from the old parties, politics is clearly changing and that means forming government is now about sharing power, not absolute majority.

“NSW already has the largest cross bench in its history, and that is only likely to grow. 

“The Greens are ready to share power, to collaborate in parliament and to work cooperatively to get progressive change. We are already doing it,” Ms Leong said.

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More detail on our key priorities:

No new coal or gas

Mining and burning coal and gas are fueling record-breaking and community-destroying floods and bushfires across the state. Liberal, Nationals and Labor are backing 27 new coal and gas mines.

The Greens will stop the Santos Narrabri gas project, prevent new coal and gas approvals and push for green jobs and a safe future.

Ban unfair evictions and control rents

The major parties give special treatment to property developers and big investors, reaping massive profits and making housing insecure.  People who rent are living in constant fear of being evicted or having their rent hiked. The Greens will Immediately introduce a rent freeze and get rents back under control and move to ban unfair no grounds evictions 

Start a community-led Truth and Treaty process

The Greens will work to develop a Truth and Treaty process, led by First Nation peoples, that delivers self-determination for First Nations people in NSW. 

Repeal the anti-protest laws

The Greens will enshrine the right to protest and ensure non-violent protesters are not fined or imprisoned for exercising a fundamental democratic right.

Mandate ratios for nurses & midwives, scrap the public sector wage cap and deliver real wage increases

Our public sector workers – including nurses, midwives, health workers, paramedics, teachers, university staff, transport and other front line workers - have been on the frontline of crisis after crisis, working tirelessly to keep us safe. The Government’s cruel public sector wage freeze means public sector wages aren’t keeping up with rising inflation and the cost of living and are also putting downward pressure on private sector wages. The Greens will overhaul the unfair wage freeze and deliver real wage increases. We will also mandate staff to patient ratios in hospitals.

End logging of public native forests

Decades of logging have left native forests on the brink, destroying precious habitats for threatened species like koalas. The Greens will move to end native forest logging and protect koala habitat.

Introduce a mandatory cashless gambling card

The gambling industry preys on our communities and corrupts our politics. The Greens will stop gambling harm, pull the pin on pokies and make the industry pay for their damage.