Greens Launch Plan to Save the Darling-Baaka River


The Greens NSW have today launched their plan to save the Darling-Baaka River with Cate Faehrmann, Greens MP and water spokesperson stating the next NSW Government must make major reforms to water management in the state to prevent ecological disaster on the Darling-Baaka and Menindee Lakes. 

The Greens Plan to Save the Darling-Baaka River will:

  • Rein in floodplain harvesting by licensing, metering  and reducing take to within legal limits.
  • Establish a Department of Climate, Water and Environment to remove the undue influence of big irrigators on water management in NSW.
  • Keep the Darling-Baaka flowing by setting rules that water can’t be taken until water has reached downstream rivers and wetlands  
  • Prepare for a drier basin and factor in climate projections into water allocations
  • Restore First Nations rights to water through a treaty process that gives water entitlements to traditional owners and improves cultural flows. 

Quotes Attributable to Cate Faehrmann, Greens MP and water spokesperson. 

“A decade of mismanagement by the Liberal-National Government has left the Darling-Baaka river on the verge of ecological collapse. This plan lays out the reforms the next NSW Government must absolutely make if we’re to have any hope of saving the Darling-Baaka River and Menindee Lakes,” said Cate Faehrmann.

“The National Party has pushed through dodgy floodplain harvesting regulations that hand out $1 billion worth of water entitlements to their corporate irrigator mates at the expense of the Darling-Baaka. The  Greens will see floodplain harvesting properly regulated and brought back within the legal limits under the Basin Plan. 

“As part of our treaty process with First Nations peoples, we will give water entitlements to Traditional Owners. We will make sure First Nations peoples are meaningfully involved in water management instead of being dismissed with sham consultations. 

“The National Party shamelessly removed drought data from water sharing plans so that irrigators could take as much as possible. 

“We know climate change means less water in the rivers. Our plan will  make sure the limits for each valley are set based on the latest accurate climate data so that when the next drought.

“The people of NSW are sick of the National Party’s mismanagement of water. The Greens want to see a new department of Climate, Water and Environment which manages water. The Liberal-Nationals can’t be trusted when it comes to water or the environment,” said Cate Faehrmann.

Quotes attributable to Lynda-June Coe, Greens NSW Upper House Candidate and Wiradjuri and Badu Island woman

“For too long the Nationals have had free reign over the Darling-Baaka river system.  Our rivers are the bloodlines to country and provide life to our communities, the environment and animal kin,” said Lynda-June Coe. 

“It is time aqua nullius be overturned and First Nations water rights are part of a treaty process which ensures long-term sustainability and protection of our rivers,” said Lynda-June Coe. 

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