Greens MP Kobi Shetty Pushes Statewide Helium Balloon Release Ban


Greens MP Kobi Shetty today introduced a bill to ban the release of helium balloons in NSW. The current legislation allows for a release of up to 19 balloons at any one time. The Greens bill would prohibit all intentional balloon releases in NSW. 

 Kobi Shetty MP and NSW Greens spokesperson on plastic said:

 "Helium balloon releases are a major source of plastic pollution, harming precious marine life and birds.

 “Even latex balloons which are often sold with misleading claims of being ‘biodegradable’ have been shown not to breakdown in the environment – making them a big risk for wildlife who mistake the balloons for food.

 “NSW is lagging behind other states that have already banned the release of helium balloons, and it’s time for us to get our act together.

“This bill will prevent the tragic deaths of countless animals, ensuring a safer future for our wildlife. 

“The bill is designed to act as a deterrent and encourage behaviour change, with penalties aimed at preventing deliberate balloon releases, not punishing children who lose their balloon. The existing exemptions would not change, and fines would not apply if balloons are released unintentionally and without negligence.”