Greens MPs and candidates join ‘School Strike 4 Climate’ in Sydney


Greens MPs and candidates will turn out en masse to support the School Strike 4 Climate in Sydney today.

Greens MPs Jenny Leong, Abigail Boyd and a number of candidates from around the state including Greens candidate for Balmain Kobi Shetty, Izabella Antoniou (Summer Hill), Phillipa Veitch (Heffron), Cooper Riach (Heathcote) and others will take to the streets alongside the tens of thousands of young people demanding real, meaningful action in response to our climate emergency.

“We need to end coal and gas by 2030 if we have any hope of tackling runaway, dangerous climate disasters,” Greens MP for Newtown Jenny Leong said.

"Students are leading the global uprising against the destruction of our planet and demanding that we address the climate catastrophe in the here and now.

“The Greens will  always stand with them and we will always support the right to free, peaceful protest in NSW which we have seen under attack with anti protest laws introduced by the NSW Liberal/ National Government and supported by NSW Labor.

“More Greens in the NSW Parliament connected to a growing movement on the streets is the only way to stop the undue influence of the coal and gas lobby on our politics in this state and we are the only party that can be trusted on real, meaningful action on climate.

“Only the Greens have a plan to end coal and gas by 2030 and transition the State to a bright renewable energy future while also supporting the workers and communities that have been historically reliant on the coal and gas sectors through this inevitable transition,” Ms Leong said.

Jenny Leong MP will be speaking at Sydney Uni at 11am and will join students to march to the student strike rally at Town Hall. 

16 year old Alex Phoon will be joining the  School Strike 4 Climate in Sydney today.

“Today I’m skipping school to strike for my future. 

“I challenge Liberal and Labor to look young people in the eye and tell us they’re opening over 100 NEW coal and gas mines. We’re facing a climate emergency right now. 

“We, as school strikers, are standing up to tell leaders -it’s impossible to take climate action while also opening new coal and gas mines.

“I joined the Greens after getting involved with the School Strike 4 Climate . 

“Both movements are full of people who are sick of politicians from the major parties ignoring us and robbing us of a safe planet, and we’re demanding better. 

“The Greens are the only party listening to young people and to science.

“Unlike Liberal and Labor, the Greens don’t accept fossil fuel donations and aren’t afraid to stand up to the corrupting, polluting coal and gas corporations,” Alex said.

*Greens MP for Newtown Jenny Leong will be speaking at Sydney University at xxx and will join students to march to the School Strike 4 Climate

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