Greens NSW statement regarding the NSW Liberal Premier wearing a Nazi uniform


Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown and Greens anti-racism spokesperson and lead Upper House candidate Cate Faehrmann MLC have issued the following statement on behalf of Greens NSW MPs:

The Premier’s decision to wear a Nazi uniform at his 21st birthday was just two years before he became President of the Young Liberals - it is difficult to fathom his political views were not already formed.

Fascist extremism is not a joke. People living every day with racism can’t simply shake it away with a quick press conference, like this government tried to do this morning.

We cannot fathom the impact this has had on those who have a direct connection to the Holocaust or the hurt being felt by so many who face the real and ongoing threat of the rise of white supremacy. 

The Premier had the opportunity over the last 24 hours to denounce racism and extremism. Instead the Premier tried to brush it away as a past ‘mistake’ and didn’t mention racism once.

This reminds us, once again, of the true colours of this Liberal/Nationals government. They cannot be trusted on race.

Racism and racial supremacy have no place in our politics or our society - they must be weeded out.

It’s hard to comprehend the sense of privilege that the Premier enjoys, purporting to be remorseful about such an offensive act one day and then stepping up the next morning as if nothing happened.

This luxury is not something that those who have experienced the lasting impacts of racism can enjoy.

The people of NSW deserve and expect so much more.