Greens NSW Statement on Workdynamic Australia's Report


Statement from Rochelle Flood, Greens NSW Co-Convenor 

In April 2018, Greens NSW received complaints of sexual harassment against Greens MP Jeremy Buckingham, which the party referred to an independent investigator, Workdynamic Australia. The investigation process has not yet concluded, and it is disappointing that Jeremy has preemptively released the findings.

The full report will not be available to the public, for reasons of confidentiality, but Greens NSW had intended to make the findings and recommendations known next week, along with a comprehensive statement – once Jeremy and the complainant had been given an opportunity for feedback. Workdynamic has sent Jeremy and the complainant confidential letters, inviting them both to respond to the findings and recommendations, and Jeremy’s statement appears to be based on the letter he received. 

In light of Jeremy’s comments today, I feel the need to make the following clarifications:

Workdynamic Australia’s findings are that, although the factual context of a social gathering on 26 August 2011 did take place, Workdynamic was “not satisfied that there is sufficient evidence on the balance of probabilities that an incident of sexual harassment as defined by the legislation occurred.”

The report does not make any finding that the complaint was false or vexatious, nor does it support Jeremy’s assertion that the complaint was made for political reasons. Any claims to the contrary are inaccurate.

Workdynamic’s report recommends that the party “resolve the matter with no adverse findings against Mr Buckingham with respect to sexual harassment or inappropriate behavior”. Greens NSW will therefore take no further action in this matter unless additional information comes to light.

Greens NSW is mindful of the lessons arising from this process. Our party has committed substantial funding for training modules and workshops on responding to allegations of sexual assault and harassment. We are also reviewing our policy on dealing with reports of sexual harassment.

Furthermore, the Greens NSW Co-Convenors will issue a second general report about how the party deals with sexual assault allegations. This report will assess the implications of these recent events and contain further recommendations.

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