Greens welcome new emission reduction targets but call for an end to coal and gas and land clearing


NSW Minister for Energy Matt Kean has today announced new emissions reductions targets in NSW, saying the State is on track to achieve 70% emissions reduction on 2005 levels by 2035. The announcement comes just weeks after Premier Dominic Perrottet sought to fast track the Narrabri Gas Project by designating the lateral pipeline as Critical State Significant Infrastructure in order to speed up the opening of 850 gas wells in the Pilliga State Forest. New South Wales is also the fourth largest exporter of thermal coal globally - a sorry track record of fuelling the climate disasters that are hitting communities across the world."

“We welcome the announcement of more ambitious emissions reduction targets by the NSW Government. Every commitment that gets us closer to net zero is vital” Greens MP Sue Higginson said."

“Setting a target in the lead up to an election is one thing, but laying out a road map to achieve that target is a whole other ball game."

“This Government has continued to encourage and approve new coal. It’s our coal that is fueling the climate crisis across the world so setting an ambitious emissions reduction target here in NSW while being the direct cause of global greenhouse gas emissions is a bit disingenuous. It looks a lot like a Liberal party looking to save itself."

“Santos’ Narrabri Gas project proposed in the Pilliga is predicted to create a further 1.5 billion tonnes of greenhouse pollution over 25 years. That’s equivalent to three times Australia’s total annual greenhouse gas emissions in 2020."

“While the NSW Government is committed to unexplained land clearing and cutting down our native forests, offsetting that scale of emissions doesn’t seem achievable by 2035."

“To keep our planet liveable, we need to be net zero by 2035. That is the science. The only way we’re going to get there is by ending coal and gas and land clearing and logging our native forests. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen any such commitment from the Coalition Government or from Labor."