Guns in our suburbs part of another tragedy


Reports today have indicated that the father who shot and killed his two teenage children on Thursday had just this year obtained two registered firearms which were used in the shooting.

Greens MP and Firearms Spokesperson David Shoebridge said: "This is a deep tragedy and our thoughts are with another family grieving from gun violence.

"This recent killing shows how all guns, registered and unregistered, carry inherent danger.

"This is especially so when they are held in a domestic setting. "We need tough gun laws that protect women and children, not weak ones what empower men.

"Society is safer when there are fewer guns, full stop. "Over the last decade we have seen a surge of newly registered guns, especially in our suburbs.

"The government's continued pandering to the gun lobby has seen it promoting gun ownership and promoting shooting and hunting as sports.

"As a result of years of deals inside and outside parliament, NSW is on track to have one million registered guns by 2020.

"More guns and more killing is not the direction the community wants our governments to take society.

"It's time to enforce the NFA, close the loopholes being exploited by the gun lobby and finally put safety before politics," Mr Shoebridge said.