Locals Kit Docker and Jamie Dixon to run as Greens candidates in the Illawarra


Illawarra, NSW: Launching their campaigns for Keira and Shellharbour in the March NSW election, local residents Kit Docker and Jamie Dixon called for action to tackle the housing and climate crises and deliver real and practical transport options for the people of their electorates.
Greens MP Abigail Boyd launched the Greens campaign with Kit Docker (Keira) and Jamie Dixon (Shellharbour) in Wollongong today.
“Kit and Jamie are both fantastic local candidates who would be powerful voices for social and economic justice in the NSW Parliament,” Greens MP Abigail Boyd said.
“Kit and Jamie know firsthand the effects of government neglect on the Illawarra region, and will be strong, principled and compassionate advocates on behalf of their local communities.”
“I’m excited by the prospect of Kit and Jamie joining me and my Greens colleagues in the NSW Parliament. With Greens like Kit and Jamie in the balance of power, we will hold the major parties to account while working towards a fairer and greener New South Wales,” Abigail said.
“Priced out of housing, my community has suffered  from decades of neglect when it comes to public transport options,” Kit Docker, Greens candidate for Keira, said.  
“The voters of the Illawarra deserve a local representative who will be brave and bold in fighting for a fair deal from whichever party forms government after March,” Kit said.
“The population of Shellharbour is skyrocketing, but affordability and accessibility are not keeping up,” Jamie Dixon, Greens candidate for Shellharbour said.
“It’s easier to find a pokie, than it is to find a hospital bed, or a seat on a train in the electorate of Shellharbour,” Jamie said.
“Successive governments have swayed to the influence of lobbyists, not community, and I look forward to bringing courage for community, and political strength of will to NSW’s next Parliament,” Jamie said.
Media Contact: Andrew Bradley   p: 0412500009   e: andrew.bradley@nsw.greens.org.au