Minns and Toole: Break gambling industry’s stranglehold of politics in NSW


The Opposition Leader, Chris Minns and NSW National Party Leader, Paul Toole, can break the stranglehold the gambling industry has on politics in NSW and neutralise any electoral threats the industry may be making, by also refusing to enter into any agreements until they act on the recommendations from the NSW Crime Commission, says Greens MP and gambling harm reduction spokesperson Cate Faehrmann.

Cate Faehrmann wrote to the three political leaders on 18 October urging them to not enter into any pre-election agreement with Clubs NSW and to implement key measures to reduce gambling harm, including a cashless gambling card.

“It’s a welcome move that the Premier has agreed to not sign any agreement with clubs until the Crime Commission’s recommendations have been acted upon. I now urge Chris Minns and Paul Toole to do the same,” said Cate Faehrmann.

“On the back of the inquiries into Crown and Star Casinos and now the Crime Commission report, the public support has never been higher for our political leaders to act on the poker machine scourge across NSW."

“The community is watching to see if our political leaders have the guts to stand together and demand reform to combat money laundering and gambling harm including a cashless gambling card. This an opportunity for all parties to stand firm against any pushback from the gambling industry may never come again, and it’s what’s required to kill off any threats of campaigns by them against candidates in key marginal seats."

“It shows you what a stranglehold the gambling industry has over politics in this state when Chris Minns and Paul Toole are more scared of any campaign waged against their candidates in vulnerable seats than they are of the NSW Crime Commission’s report,” said Cate Faehrmann.