Multi-million dollar gift for developers as councils lose ability to police illegal development


A State Government attack on local council incomes will now strip councils of their ability to charge developers for the cost of policing illegal development. By voting against a Greens motion to reject the regulation change Labor and the Coalition have gifted millions of dollars to developers. This was despite warnings that councils will lose millions of dollars in fees and staff leading to unsafe buildings and environmental damage.

This attack on council incomes will see Liverpool Council lose $3.25 million, Inner West Council $1.25 million and Woollahra Council $650,000. Meanwhile the NSW Government has just introduced its own levy on developers to pay for the new Building Commissioner, but are preventing local councils from doing the same thing.

Greens MP and Local Government Spokesperson David Shoebridge said: "This is an attack on local council finances that will see council compliance jobs lost and developers given a free hand to build illegal development across NSW.

"Once again we see the Labor Party and the Coalition cosying up to developers to give them a multi million gift, this time paid for by local councils.

"It's only right that developers pay a fair fee for the cost of m complying with the law, and policing illegal development.

"It's only right that developers contribute to the cost of of compliance so it's extremely frustrating to see Labor and the Coalition voting to prevent this happening.

"Today's vote means ratepayers will pay the cost of compliance and again lets developers keep the profits and communities pay the cost.

"Council functions are under threat by this regulation because they simply won't have the money to do what is expected from them.

"Compliance staff in councils around NSW are facing the loss of their jobs, and local ratepayers will see more illegal development happening on their streets with councils unable to help." Mr Shoebridge said.