“No photo ops this year" - Faruqi backs in calls by the Muslim community to boycott Labor this Ramadan


With Ramadan around the corner, Greens Deputy Leader Senator Mehreen Faruqi is calling on the Labor Party to think twice about showing up to community Iftar dinners.

Senator Faruqi’s statement comes as organisations and members from the Muslim community prepare to boycott iftars amid frustration over the Labor Government’s continued support for Israel’s invasion of Gaza.

Senator Faruqi said: 

“If Labor won't listen to the Palestinian and Muslim community then their empty iftar tables will mimic their hollow response  when it comes to support for the grieving community in this country.

“Labor has outright refused to listen to the community when it comes to ending their support for Israel’s atrocities and unfolding genocide, severing military ties with Israel and restoring funding for UNRWA. 

“Enough is enough. The Muslim community across Australia is angry, frustrated and feels completely betrayed by Labor.

“Labor can’t hide from their complicity in Israel’s bloodbath and people are holding them to account.

“We will not be taken for granted and used as photo opportunities during Ramadan by the very same politicians who have failed to even condemn Israel. If Labor politicians won’t show up for us now at a time when everyone is grieving, then they better not show up at our iftars either.”