NSW Greens condemn violent attacks and discrimination in our laws


Statement from Greens Member for Newtown, Anti-Racism and LGBTIQA+ Spokesperson, Jenny Leong MP:

Violent attacks must be condemned.

One Nation has been dividing communities and spreading hate for decades now. 

One Nation representatives and the discriminatory views they spew have a toxic influence on our society. The growing threat of those in far-right groups who want to undermine the ongoing struggle for equality are emboldened by this and further empowered by the dangerous silence of both the NSW Labor and Liberal parties when it comes to taking a loud and proud pro-trans, pro LGBTIQA+ and anti-racist stance.

The physical violence we saw this week against LGBTIQA+ people is deplorable, but we cannot pretend that the violence entrenched in our current laws where trans folks are concerned is not also causing real harm. 

Denying the existence of a community already at drastically elevated risk of suicide and self harm is violent. Encouraging others to do the same is violent. Introducing legislation to exclude trans folks from education, the workforce and community services is violent. 

Laws that allow for discrimination in education, medical services and aged care are violent and they continue to be supported by both NSW Labor and Liberal-National Coalition  to this day.

This election both the Liberals and Nationals as well as NSW Labor have refused to commit to ending  the state sanctioned harm in our laws – with neither party seeking to form government offering any clear plan of action to end discrimination or address the ongoing issues facing the advancement of LGBTIQA+ rights.

The Greens have a clear plan to end the exceptions, policies and practices that enshrine discrimination in our laws, and to allow trans and gender diverse people to determine the details on their own identity documents. 

The Greens in the next NSW Parliament will continue to be unashamedly vocal about the rights of LGBTIQA+ people, about stamping out racism, and championing equality. We are committed to trans rights and will continue to grow the movement in our communities to advance rainbow equality.