NSW Liberal National Government blocks Greens Rent Freeze Bill


In NSW Parliament the Liberals and Nationals have blocked a move by the Greens to introduce a Rent Freeze Bill just days before Christmas.

Jenny Leong MP, NSW Greens Housing and Renters spokesperson, had moved to urgently freeze rents when the NSW parliament was recalled today to pass energy price caps in order to provide additional financial relief to the millions of renters in NSW.

“The Greens had sought to put immediate measures in place to freeze rents in NSW for two years to provide renters with urgent relief from ever-surging housing costs,” Jenny Leong MP said.

“In the past weeks, we have seen that it is possible for the Federal and State governments to come together and act to cap energy costs - and this shows it is absolutely possible for them to do the same when it comes to rents."

“Our Bill sought to prohibit rent increases for two years and act as an immediate relief for renters who are fearful of finding themselves on the receiving end of a massive rent hike just before Christmas."

“It’s clear the Liberals and Nationals are more committed to big developers and investors than they are to the people of NSW."

“It's disappointing that NSW Labor indicated that they didn’t support freezing rents, especially after last month when they voted with the Liberal/ National government to block the Greens Bill and end unfair evictions."

“While providing relief to people by reducing energy costs is welcome, we know that housing costs are by far the biggest item in everyone’s household budget."

“The average NSW household spends a massive 22.4% of their weekly budget on housing costs, meanwhile 1.9% on average is spent on energy - rent and housing expenses rank as the highest in terms of expense related stress."

“Given this, it seems the reluctance to back our rent freeze by the Liberals and Nationals has more to do with their desire to continue to give special treatment to developers and big investors."

“The Greens at a state and national level are calling for a rent freeze because we know that it is one of the most significant causes of stress to so many people,” Ms Leong said."