Shameful silence from Labor as Israel tells the UN it will block food convoys to North Gaza, as Greens demand action


Israel will now block all UNRWA food convoys to Northern Gaza, informing the UN agency of its intention after blocking several food convoys. The UNRWA chief has called this decision by Israel “outrageous” and “intentional to obstruct lifesaving assistance during a man made famine”.  

The Labor government has failed to respond. 

Greens Deputy Leader and spokesperson for International Aid and Global Justice Senator Mehreen Faruqi is calling on the Albanese government to end its backing of Israel and take strong action to stop Israel from blocking humanitarian aid. 

Quotes attributable to Senator Faruqi said:

“There’s crickets from the Labor government as Israel blocks food aid from reaching Palestinians in Northern Gaza. 

“Israel is using starvation as a weapon of war.

“The level of depravity from Israel and complicity of the Labor government has hit a new low today. 

“Even a man-made famine and Israel’s forced starvation of Palestinians is not enough to move this immoral Labor government to take real action in forcing Israel to allow  life-saving  aid into all parts of Gaza. 

“This is the same government that cut UNRWA funding in a matter of hours after Israel’s allegations, yet children dying of hunger, dehydration and malnutrition is not enough to end their backing for Israel’s invasion.

“Labor’s inaction as Israel starves children to death is very telling to the community. 
I am sure I speak for many when I say, we do not want a government that supports Israel’s slaughter and forced starvation of Palestinians.”