NSW Nationals in the pocket of big Corporations over GMO


NSW Greens Agriculture Spokesperson and Member for Ballina Tamara Smith MP has condemned the Nationals Agriculture Minister Adam Marshall for lifting the right of veto in NSW of GMO foods and seeds.

Ms Smith said, "The NSW Minister for Agriculture has been utterly disingenuous in his announcement that he plans to lift an 18 year moratorium on GMO crops in NSW. Roundup tolerant GM cotton has been grown in NSW since 2000 and Roundup tolerant GM canola has been grown in NSW since 2010.

"What the Minister's announcement does mean however, is that farmers - particularly organic farmers in NSW - lose the ability to say no to the commercial growing of individual GM crops that the Office of Gene Technology Regulation (OGTR) approves for release."

"There still has been very little scientific research into the long-term impacts for humans, animals and ecosystems from GMOs but the big risks are economic for farmers across NSW."

"My electorate is home to some of the most successful organic farming businesses in the world. Contamination from GMO seeds has huge financial implications for organic farmers who face rejection from export markets that ban GMOs. Organic farmers suffering contamination can lose their organic certification and the premium they earn for their organic crop."

Ms Smith said, "Farmers all over the world are moving towards regenerative agriculture and protecting soils and allowing farmlands to restore and regenerate. Moving towards massive industrial mono-culture farming is utterly regressive."

"This is a dumb move by a Minister whose own family farm uses regenerative farming techniques, at a time in the world where high input, intensive, industrial agriculture like GMOs are in terminal decline." said Ms Smith.

"GMOs allow an agricultural system in which just a few companies hold immense power over our food supply. Farmers also pay more for GM crop seed and under seed contracts with massive multinational corporations they also bear all legal liability for any GM contamination, whilst the multinationals permanently retain GM seed ownership."

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