Police Minister is the one who should be fired


On the day that the US Police Officer who murdered George Floyd was convicted, the NSW Police Minister wants to sack a teacher for allowing primary school children to support the BLM movement. 

Greens MP and Police Spokesperson David Shoebridge said: 

“If there’s anyone who should be sacked it’s the machine-gun-toting and road-raging NSW Police Minister. 

“Fresh from pretending to be a police officer he’s now masquerading as an education expert despite having no relevant credentials. 

“In schools across NSW, teachers are responding to what students are interested in, and grounding their knowledge in the real world. This should be commended. 

“30 years after the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Death in Custody and a week after the NSW Parliament delivered a report into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, it’s clear the problem of racism in the criminal justice system is ongoing. 

“The NSW Police Minister has today confirmed he is part of the problem, and he is not fit for the role”, Mr Shoebridge said.

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