Resignation of Senator Richard Di Natale


Co-Convenors Sylvia Hale and Rochelle Flood today expressed their regret on behalf The Greens NSW at Senator Richard Di Natale’s decision to resign from the Australian Senate and to step down as the Australian Greens Parliamentary Leader.

“Richard was first elected to the Senate in 2010 and re-elected in 2016. He has been the public figurehead of the Australian Greens for almost five years,” they said.

“His leadership of the party as it has striven for marriage equality, for an end to the war on drugs, and warned of the dangers of climate change has been outstanding.

“The Greens NSW is grateful for his unstinting work and for his endeavours to build a fairer, more just and sustainable Australia.

“We recognise that Richard’s departure represents a significant loss for the party, but at the same time it is an undoubted gain for his family.

“It is the partners and children of MPs who bear the impacts of prolonged absences from home and the intrusions of parliamentary and public life.

“We are gladdened that Richard will continue to be active in the Greens movement and Greens politics.”


For further information please contact:

Sylvia Hale, Greens NSW Convenor: 0417 466 095

Rochelle Flood, Greens NSW Co-Convenor: 0404 129 567