Time to stop persecuting party-goers, decriminalise drug use


Greens MP and spokesperson for drug law reform & harm reduction, Cate Faehrmann, has today called out the NSW government’s failed drug laws and demanded an end to the persecution of people who simply wanting to have fun. 

“Like many Sydney-siders, this weekend I was out enjoying some music and having a dance. As has become the new normal in Sydney, the police presence was outrageously over the top,” Ms Faehrmann said.  

“Dozens of police and drug dogs lined the entrance. Not only is this a complete waste of resources, people are sick of being hounded, harassed and treated like criminals simply for trying to have a good time.

“DJs and musicians are leaving Sydney in droves due to lockouts and the ongoing police harassment of them and the people that support them.”

“Our drug laws are a complete failure and a colossal waste of money. 

“It’s time to decriminalise drugs for personal use, fund health and social services to provide treatment to those that need it, and stop persecuting people for trying to have a good time.”

Contact: Ben Cronly, 0487 247 960