Upper House Casual Vacancy Preselection - interim results are in!


Interim results are in for the Greens NSW preselection to select David Shoebridge’s replacement in the Legislative Council, with Sue Higginson winning the count.

Greens NSW Preselection Returning Officer Riki Scanlan and Greens NSW Convenor Damiya Hayden today thanked members, the candidates, and volunteers.

“We are very proud of the three outstanding candidates who contested this preselection. All brought records of significant achievement and made strong cases for their preselection.

“Sue Higginson will continue the work of David Shoebridge in holding the NSW Liberal-National government to account and campaigning for real action on climate change.”

A total of 2072 members voted in the casual vacancy preselection.

Sue Higginson topped the count, followed by Dr Amanda Cohn and Jim Casey.

Sue Higginson said, "I am very grateful for the support and trust that I have received to become the next Greens NSW MP.

“I have worked at the forefront of environmental and social justice across NSW for decades and I intend to bring that work into Parliament. This decade is crucial in our fight against climate change, the extinction crisis and inequality.

“The Greens are a serious and significant force of reason, accountability and justice in the NSW Parliament and I am thrilled to now be part of that. I will enter the Parliament proudly on the path laid down by the hopeful, kind and innovative movement built over decades. I will work to ensure politics serves the needs of people and the planet,” Ms Higginson said.  

David Shoebridge welcomed the preselection result, “With Sue Higginson entering NSW Parliament the Greens, and the state, are getting an upgrade!

“Sue has a proven track record taking on corporate excess and environmental destruction both as an activist and a highly capable lawyer.

“Her background as Principal Solicitor at the EDO puts Sue in an excellent position to step straight in and contribute strongly as a Greens MP,” Mr Shoebridge said.

The results of the preselection will be formally presented to the Greens NSW State Delegates Council for endorsement on 12 March 2022.


Riki and Damiya