Ben Hammond

Candidate for Parramatta

Ben is a political and social activist dedicated to fighting for the diverse needs of the community of Parramatta. Having lived the majority of his life in Western Sydney, Ben knows first-hand the seriousness of political and economic disadvantage in the Parramatta area, and is dedicated to fighting for the rights and wellbeing of all members of the community in the Parramatta electorate, particularly those who have been marginalised and left behind.

Ben holds a Bachelor of Arts with Distinction from Western Sydney University, majoring in political thought, history, Asian studies and international relations, and has studied political science in Europe and Asia. Presently, he works as a customer success manager, implementing software that ensures thousands of Australians come home safe from work every day. 

Ben recognises the urgent need to address the environmental crisis, and will work tirelessly to protect our planet for future generations. Furthermore, Ben understands the importance of accessibility and inclusivity, and will work to eliminate barriers that people with disabilities face in terms of transportation, access to housing, medical support, and discrimination in policy. He will fight for affordable housing for all by fighting for a 2 year rent freeze, and will work to redistribute wealth in order to create a more economically just society. With your support, we can make real change, and create a brighter future for all.