Ethan Hrnjak

Candidate for Wakehurst

From the bush to the beach, the electorate of Wakehurst truly has it all. I’ve lived on the Northern Beaches for all of my 19 years and I understand our unique way of life. Unfortunately, this way of life is threatened by internal and external challenges. As we move deeper into the climate crisis, the importance of our beautiful environment - from tree canopy to natural bushland and coastal lagoons - cannot be understated. 

Inappropriate development is happening all around us, with proposals for Lizard Rock and the Frenchs Forest Town Centre shining a light on the unbridled power and influence developers have over our Governments. The privatisation of essential services hinders our access to healthcare and institutes insufficient pay and conditions for our hard-working nurses, like at the Northern Beaches Hospital. As our roads become more congested, the State Government favours destructive megaprojects that enrich their mates, rather than sustainable and publicly-owned public transport. 

As a law student, I’ve seen how governments have the power to create meaningful, lasting change for all of us - yet this power is often used against us. 

Whether it's the crackdowns on protest and freedom of expression, accepting shady donations from the gambling industry, mining magnates and greedy developers, this government has shown that it cares more about filling the pockets of its wealthy donors than representing the people of NSW.

This March, we get to make our voices heard at the ballot box, and as your candidate/member for Wakehurst, I pledge to work every day to earn your trust and build a future for all of us.