Janet Castle

Candidate for Granville

I’ve worked extensively in the disability sector, with people who are ageing, and for 19 years supporting and advocating for people seeking asylum. I currently head up Bridge for Asylum Seekers, a not for profit that provides living allowances for otherwise destitute people seeking asylum.

I'm running for The Greens NSW because I want action on climate change and to see an end to the control that powerful corporate interests have over our political process.

Together, we can:

  • Provide secure, affordable housing and access to high-quality services, including free health and education, to every resident

  • Transition to clean, renewable energy

  • Tackle political corruption

  • Strengthen environmental protections and invest in recovery plans for threatened habitats

  • Give a voice for local people in planning decisions and take action on overdevelopment and our rotten planning system.

Naturally, I will continue to advocate for services to adequately support refugees.

Key to achieving all of this will be continuing to reform political donations and rooting out corruption.

If elected, I will represent the Granville community’s values in parliament and hold the major parties to account. Together we can create a fairer and cleaner future for all of us.