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I’ve lived in the Richmond electorate for 30 years. This is where I’ve raised my five kids. This is my home, and I love this place.

I’ve lived in the Richmond electorate for 30 years. This is where I’ve raised my five kids. This is my home, and I love this place.

As a performer, comedian, MC, writer, author, artist, teacher, ambassador and activist, I’ve travelled the length and breadth of our diverse electorate. It’s been my job to document the stories of our community. To understand what makes us tick. To speak up about the issues that impact us. To advocate for people who’ve lost their voice and for the incredible community services that support them. In a way, I’ve been training to represent this electorate the whole time.

For 30 years, I’ve shared the stories of this community through my writing and activism. I’ve held the megaphone metaphorically and literally. 

In March of 2021, I led a rally. The town hall was so packed that hundreds of people huddled under umbrellas outside, watching the live stream on their phones. We heard devastating accounts from women who make up our country’s statistics on sexual assault. As we marched through the rain, we shouted for change. We demanded more from our government. Do you know what I realised? They’re not listening. 

They’re not listening when we say a net-zero 2050 target isn’t good enough. They’re not listening when we say our community has a housing crisis and thousands of locals are on the brink of homelessness. They’re not listening, and they don’t want to.

With your support, I will take that megaphone to Canberra. I can win the seat of Richmond with just a 1.8% increase. With a close election, I could hold the balance of power and be one of the most powerful voices in Canberra. Either way, I’ll be the loudest.


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Mandy Nolan

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