Martin Cousins

Hello, I’m Martin. I am outraged by our current government’s misplaced priorities. I am passionate about action on climate, a better deal for our young people, giving older people the care they deserve, stamping out corruption and much more.

As an engineer and energy industry professional, I know that our government needs to treat climate change seriously and act urgently to avoid its worst impacts. Fortunately, Australia is incredibly well placed to benefit in a low-carbon economy. We can build 700% low-cost renewable energy and export low carbon products around the world, bringing massive growth in our clean manufacturing industries.

Our government has abandoned our young people - to unaffordable housing, expensive and yet falling standards of higher education, and low-paid insecure work. I will fight for a better deal for our young people.

Our aged care system is in crisis - with woeful vaccination and testing rollouts leading to massive staff shortages and the tragic loss of life we have witnessed. Our older Australians deserve a government that takes its responsibilities seriously.

The coalition has a shocking record on corruption and pork barrelling. We need a National Integrity Commission with teeth. We need to respect our ABC and its role in taking politicians of all stripes to task. And we need donation reforms.

I am an active member of the Bradfield community. I would be honoured to take these issues and more to Canberra.