Martin Moore

Candidate for Miranda

Hi I'm Martin Moore.

Integrity in NSW politics? Doesn't exist mate! Do we become complacent and resigned about that? Let’s continue to have a strong Greens presence in the NSW Parliament and hold the major parties to account!

The Climate Emergency has been my call to stand. The adage “Think Global think Local” resonates and motivates me. It’s right where we live and breathe that the pebble in the pond will have its effect!

Together we can ensure everyone has a home!

Miranda electorate is considered a conservative part of the world and I'm often met with “What's the point, no one votes Green anyway!”and yet my assumptions are challenged as i continue to encounter a strong desire from people from all walks of life in the Shire to address the Climate Emergency!

I bring kilometres of experience to the task, essentially, community experience. I built on my Fine Arts Degree with a Masters in Social Ecology, out of my extensive work as a Community Artist, Social Housing Advocate, Peace, Social Justice and environmental activism have forged my choices in life!

I empathise with the current challenges Local Businesses face. Having been a Sole Trader and struggled in Business in the past I’m keen to support the economy of Miranda and our hard working enterprising population.

The Environment and Shelter I see as priorities. I despair at times with the Housing Crisis we find ourselves in and the shrinking options and challenges the next generations face! I bring my own lived experience and a pride in the excellent Greens policies for Housing going forward!

A vote for the Greens in Miranda sends a message that the electorate cares about the environment and our society! A Greens vote in the Upper House will lead to more Greens in Parliament to push for our policies and hold the Government to account!

We know both major parties are in the pockets of corporate donors! The Fossil Fuel Industry, Gambling Interests and big Developers prosper at the expense of our communities!

Together we can…

1) Tackle Climate Change by rapidly transitioning to publicly owned renewable energy.

2) Support Affordable Housing initiatives!

3) Mindful development as opposed to over development! With Heritage and Environmental issues honoured!

4) Fund World class Schools, Hospitals, Public Transport and Social Services!

I’ll represent our communities values in Parliament and hold the major parties to account! Together we can create a fairer and cleaner future for us all!