Natalie Hanna

Hi, I’m Natalie Hanna your Greens candidate in the Federal seat of Banks.

I’m a local living along the Georges River in Southern Sydney and as I watch my children grow up, I’m worried about their future unless we take urgent action on climate change. From my work as a geophysicist and in business across the mining, construction, transport, energy and water sectors I know that we have the technology to transition to a low carbon economy but we are lacking the political will. The Greens don’t accept donations from corporates, we only accept donations from people like you and me. I joined The Greens as we will always put people and planet first.

Parliament is supposed to represent a diverse range of lived experiences, yet the seat of Banks has never elected a woman representative in Canberra. Now is the chance to elect someone that represents you and can change the conversation. I have first-hand experience struggling to find available early childhood education when I was re-entering the workforce after having children. We need free early childhood education to enable all parents and carers to work and provide for their families. Jobs of the future require new skills and so we support free TAFE and University in order to retrain existing workers and to prepare our children for their future.

We must restore trust in our political processes. In most workplaces workers must uphold a Code of Conduct but politicians currently have none. We urgently need a Federal Integrity Commission to ensure that our representatives in Canberra act with integrity and any corruption of our political representatives, their staff and government agency employees is investigated.

Come and join me in building an inclusive society that cares for people and planet by investing in education, health and the new low carbon economy.