Trish Frail

My name is Trish Frail is a Ngemba woman from Brewarrina with connections to the majority of towns within the Parkes region. 

I have worked in the social justice areas in my community; on locally, state nationally and globally specialising in domestic violence, homelessness, community development.  Last year I opened my own business in the hospitality industry and Covid hit, I struggled but made it through which confirms how strong of a woman I am.

I have recently been elected into the Brewarrina Shire Council of which we have only had one meeting to date.

I love my hometown of Brewarrina and I am currently working with other businesses to develop strategies to address the tourist market.

I have 4 girls and 1 boy and 5 grandchildren who I am very close to all of my children and grandchildren. 

When I was asked to nominate for the Parkes region I thought about it and realised that I am passionate about issues that effect the people in the Parkes region and I can take my passion to the people and get as many votes as possible aiming to be elected with a lot of campaigning with getting a positive name for the Greens.  

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