A future for all of us

The Greens have a vision for a fairer, more sustainable NSW, with environmental care and better opportunities for all people.

Our plan for NSW

Flagship housing
Climate flagship
Corruption flagship
Environment flagship
Flagship communities
Flagship citizens

Priority Campaigns

Decriminalise abortion
A fair go for renters
Allow pill testing
End violence against women
Get gambling out of politics
Protect native forests and animals
Save the Kowmung river
Time for a NSW Planning Royal Commission
Bring fun back to NSW
Keep public transport public
Rainbow revolution
Climate change
Better bike paths campaign
Solve the waste crisis campaign
Make tafe free
Stop privatisation of assets
Marine environment campaign
National Parks campaign

UBI initiative tile

Early childhood education policy

People before pokies campaign tile

Justice for First Nations people


Bank levy tile

Sex work is work campaign

End cruelty to animals campaign

Legalise cannabis campaign

Cap CEO salaries campaign

Legalise MDMA campaign

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