The Greens NSW believe:

1. That since white colonisation, immigrants have played a major role in Australia’s economic development and the building of its population. Today Australia is a culturally diverse society and the contribution of immigrants is evident everywhere.

2. That Australia’s multicultural vitality and vibrancy should be represented in its social and political institutions, including those in NSW.

3. That the cultural diversity of Australian society should be represented in its own organisation, and in all of its policies and activities, in Parliament and in the community.

4. In the right to equitable participation and decision-making processes in Australian society.

5. In zero tolerance to people being harassed, abused, vilified, stigmatised, discriminated against, disadvantaged or exploited based on religious, ethnic, linguistic and racial grounds

6. In affirming the richness of Australia’s cultural and linguistic diversity cultures and the importance of ensuring that Australia as a multicultural society is as inclusive as possible.

7. This policy is consistent with the United Nations Declaration on Human Rights, the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights and other relevant international conventions and agreements.

8. A truly successful multicultural society cannot be achieved without justice and self-determination for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Policies focused specifically on empowerment and justice for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Peoples can be found here.


9. Ensure progressive social change through three broad but related areas: the law and justice system; Government policy and programs; and community attitudes and relationships.

10. Ensure the protection of the right of all people to live in safe surroundings free from harassment and vilification of any kind; and to have equal opportunity of representation at local, State and Federal levels regardless of culture, ethnicity or dual citizenship.

11. Promote and engage in action with individuals and other organisations to strengthen opportunities for community interaction and help build a cohesive society.

12. Create a socially resilient society by promoting an everyday practice of peaceful and equitable dialogue, mutual understanding, respect and social justice between people from different cultural, faith and subcultural groups.

13. Ensure  comprehensive understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity in Australia and the provision of opportunities for ongoing cultural exchange internationally, including within the Greens.

14. Ensure government and government-funded services and information about them, is delivered in languages other than English including the use of multilingual staff where appropriate and interpreting and translation services to be well resourced and widely available.

15. Protect  the civil, religious and political liberties of all people through regulation to ensure that people are not exploited or discriminated against because of their ethnic backgrounds.

16. Protect and enhance legal and administrative structures and education programs to support and promote these liberties.

17. Foster equity in industrial relations and employment to redress discrimination in the workplace and ensure that immigrants’ skills and qualifications are recognised and that women in particular, are given the opportunity to fully utilise their skills.

18. Ensure the provision of culturally sensitive settlement services and opportunities that facilitate participation in Australian life, including promoting comparable services in rural, regional and urban settings in areas such as health, housing, legal assistance and education.

19. Ensure adequate funding for grants to ethnic community groups and other community groups that promote inter-cultural and intra-community understanding.

20. Ensure educational institutions enrolling international students have mandated provision of support services and housing, and are annually audited to prevent exploitation and to ensure quality provision of services.

21. Ensure adequate, free and readily accessible English language courses for all who wish to take them, and adequate financial and other assistance to ensure that survival needs do not preclude immigrants from taking up these opportunities, especially women.

22. Ensure recognition of the educational and social value of early childhood education in the language spoken by children in the home, and the value of providing opportunities for first language maintenance, as well as English language development.

23. Ensure wide availability of education and training programs that eliminate racist behaviour, promote belonging and cross-cultural understanding, and encourage connections between people.

24. Ensure that positive, non-stereotyped images of ethnically diverse and religiously diverse people and organisations are presented throughout the media and community networks.

25. Maintain and expand SBS TV and Radio, and other media and cultural activities that present a variety of ethnic and cultural interests, support people to express culturally specific and cross-cultural issues, and educate all Australians about the multicultural diversity of our society.