Responding to Sexual Harassment

The Greens NSW are committed to the protection and promotion of human rights, and an end to discrimination and harassment. 

Sexual harassment includes any unwelcome behavior of a sexual nature that could reasonably expected to make someone feel offended, humiliated or intimidated. Sexual harassment undermines people’s basic rights to be safe in their home, at work and in the community. Sexual harassment is unlawful. 

The Greens NSW 'Responding to Sexual Harassment Policy' outlines the steps that the Greens NSW are taking to prevent sexual harassment from occurring in Greens workplaces and Greens volunteer spaces, and if sexual harassment does occur, to take appropriate action. A copy of the policy can be downloaded here

Members of the Greens and members of the public can contact the Greens NSW to formally or informally discuss concerns about behaviour that has occurred in a Greens space or involving a Greens member. 

To arrange an initial confidential discussion please email the Convenor ( and the State Manager ( or phone 02 9045 6999.

More information about sexual harassment  - visit the Human Rights Commission website at

Some forms of sexual harassment are criminal offences, including sexual assault, indecent exposure and stalking. Sexual assault can happen to anyone, and is never the victim’s fault. 

For more information and support for victims of sexual assault or criminal sexual harassment:

NSW Police: 000

Full Stop Australia: Call 1800 FULL STOP (1800 424 017) or visit NSW Sexual Violence Helpline | Full Stop Australia

NSW Victim’s Services: The Victims Access Line (1800 633 063) provides information, referral and support to victims of crime.