Kat McNamara

Candidate for Nightcliff


I’m Kat and I live here in Nightcliff with my partner and three young children. I love living here, my kids have grown up with story-time at the local library and learning to ride their bikes on the foreshore. I feel incredibly lucky to be part of the wonderful community here, and am so excited to be putting my hand up to represent Nightcliff at the next Territory election. 

The climate crisis is a threat to everyone's future, and in the Territory, we’re pouring fuel on the fire by allowing new fossil fuel projects to open. We’re subsiding big corporations to make a quick buck out of the climate crisis. Meanwhile, the NT’s livability is  in danger from expanding wealth inequality and the cost of living. Imagine if we spent that money on free childcare, more public housing and strengthening the public services we all rely on. I want to make sure everyone in Nightcliff has everything they need to live a good life.

Corporate interests have a stranglehold on our government and it needs to end. Time and time again I have seen the Nightcliff community come together to raise concerns to our representatives. They’re not being listened to. I am here to represent my community and bring their voices into parliament. I will challenge the status quo on issues that impact people’s daily lives: the cost of living, the climate crisis, access to affordable housing and childcare. I’m ready to be your representative for Nightcliff, and put people first. 

SIGN OUR PETITION to save darwin's rehab services

Darwin’s only sobering up shelter, residential rehab and detox (Stringybark) has been forced to close with 6 weeks’ notice so that the government can build yet another prison. 

We can’t put people’s lives on the line for political gain, and yet this is exactly what the Labor government is prepared to do.

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