Greens Ban Fracking

fracking threatens land, water, air

Shale gas FRACKING is an NT threat that poses global climate impact, and federal responsibilities.

Just one large gasfield in the NT would create enough carbon pollution to overwhelm savings elsewhere in the economy, and stop us meeting our international commitments.

The decision to frack was made by the NT Labor Government, after the federal Liberal government withheld GST funds. Now the Federal Labor party has pledged to divert billions from the North Australia Infrastructure Facility to establish a new fund focussed on unlocking onshore gas reserves. Fracking the NT is being driven by federal parties that have little regard for local impacts. A better federal government could turn this around.

Territorians were told we had to mine gas for the Eastern states – but the frackers plan to ship it all off-shore.

Exports are licensed federally: a better federal government can turn off that climate-polluting export at the tap.

The fracking inquiry recommended extending the ‘water trigger’ in federal environment laws, to ensure a higher standard of environmental assessment to NT fracking. A better federal government would prioritise this simple reform, to ensure that any proposals for fracking the NT are assessed as a threat to water.

Chief Minister Gunner has already asked the Commonwealth to help offset carbon emissions from fracking. The financial cost could come to

Greens know that to maintain a safe climate, we need to keep the vast majority of un-tapped fossil fuels safely locked underground. A Green federal government would never allow carbon schemes to be abused for fossil fuel expansion.