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Caroline for Perth: Bayswater Doorknock

Come help us make history twice this election!

Swan Doorknock: EVP Twilight Doorknock & Kebab Catchup

Join our community-led, COVID-safe movement for Swan, as we chat to voters at their doorstep!

Freo Doorknock: Beaconsfield Early Sunday Morning

Join our community-led movement for Fremantle, as we chat to voters at their doorstep!

January Volunteer Welcome Night

Find out how you can volunteer with us!

Cam for Curtin - Scarborough 2 door knock

Door knock in the new northern part of Curtin, Scarborough

CAROLINE FOR PERTH Weekly Pizza Party!

Come along to the weekly admin night for the Perth federal campaign!

Friend-Banking with The Greens (WA)

Help share the Greens plan for a COVID readiness plan for Western Australia

Online: Boothby booth rostering training

Day of Mourning 2022

Join Senator Dorinda Cox for a Day of Mourning service