Green Magazine

November 2021


Read the signs on COP26

This is our code red to act like our house is on fire and avert crisis. We can see it; our kids can see it. Why can’t our federal leaders see it?

The ultimate COP-out

As Sarah Hanson-Young explains, COP26 was an opportunity completely wasted by the Morrison government. But it doesn’t mean we can’t take action today.

Stuck in the slow lane

While individual behavioural change isn’t a panacea for climate change, is the Morrison government even trying to incentivise it?

Also this month

Growing the India Greens party

At the recent COP26 climate negotiations, India notably opposed the phase-out of coal. Luckily, a national Green party is rising in India to help stem this tide.

Adam's November wrap

We’re rapidly approaching the pointy end of 2021, if you can believe it! But before we get to whatever 2022 has to offer – including a federal election, finally – Adam Bandt takes a look back at the big events of the past month.