Green Magazine

May 2021


Call it by its true name

We need to call a spade a spade. What’s going on between Palestinians and Israelis is not a ‘conflict’ – it is an occupation.

Australia must speak out against Israeli apartheid

Senator Janet Rice expresses the Australian Greens’ solidarity with Palestinian people, and condemns both Israel’s actions and Australia’s silence.

Making a killing in our name

Zelda Grimshaw explains the sheer breadth of destruction the weapons industry creates and how Australia is complicit in the bloodshed.

Also this month

Champagne for the billionaires, real pain for everyone else

Earlier this month, the Morrison government delivered its third federal budget, and it was mostly as expected: favours for the ultra rich and scraps for the average Australian. Adam Bandt hits back In his budget reply, outlining the Greens’ vision for a fairer and cleaner future.

Getting to know our new MPs: Amy MacMahon

2020 was a huge year for the Greens around the country – in Queensland, we doubled our representation! In this latest installment of our series that introduces our newest MPs, we speak to MP for South Brisbane Amy MacMahon.