Green Magazine

April 2019


A bold and strong vision

After months of preparation and hard work, we’re now just three short weeks out from the election – with a bold, strong vision for the future.

Checking in with the Greens Japan

In Japan, the Greens are a fledgling party fighting an uphill battle. We speak to a Greens councillor in the region about the future of the party in Japan.

Will you join our overseas volunteer team?

Every vote will count in the election. That includes those cast by thousands of Australians living overseas – and we need your help to reach them by May 18.

Also this month

How to look after yourself before and during the election

The experience of volunteering on an election campaign is extremely rewarding – but it could also be challenging. The Greens’ National Campaign Manager shares some tips on how volunteers can practise self-care over the coming few weeks.

20 Questions with Richard Di Natale

As the leader of the Greens, we hear a lot from – and about – Richard Di Natale. But do you really know him – like his favourite apps, ultimate comfort food, and what he likes most about working with the Greens?