Green Magazine

February 2021


The results are in on our 2020/21 supporter survey

Thousands of you recently took time out to respond to our latest supporter survey. Now, we can share the issues that are most important to you.

Getting to know our new MPs: Andrew Braddock

In the next installment of our series that introduces our newest MPs, we speak to the ACT’s Member for Yarrabi Andrew Braddock.

Why we need to change the electoral system

Australia’s single-member district system creates two-party dominance that makes it more difficult for the Greens to become a partner in government.

Also this month

An election, COVID, JobSeeker cuts and dirty money: welcome to 2021

It has been a pretty strange 12 months for everyone, and it looks to get even stranger. Once again, the coming year will be defined by COVID, cruel neoliberal austerity measures, continued legalised corruption – and amongst all that, possibly even a federal election.

What happens in WA affects us all: Why next month’s state election matters

Western Australia’s state election is on March 13th, with many people expected to vote early from February 22nd. Greens MLC and Spokesperson for Climate Change Tim Clifford explains why this election is so important, and why the outcome will impact all Australians – including you.