Green Magazine

June 2022


A pre-Parliament update from Adam

Voted in by you, the invigorated and expanded Greens team is ready to tackle the issues that really matter, in particular climate change. And we know the path towards a different climate future is ours – the Labor government just has to make the choice to take it.

Our bodies, our choice

The erosion of gender equality, social support and democratic integrity by conservative governments across the world over the past decade is a reminder that hard-fought victories for basic rights cannot be taken for granted. As Senator Larissa Waters explains, there is much work still to be done – even in Australia.

Building a living practice of democracy

All around the world, communities are living by new models of change-making that are dissolving and distributing power. In this excerpt from his forthcoming book, director of the green institute, Tim Hollo shares some of these stories and the ideas that will enable us to create the cohesive, ecological new communities of the future.

Also this month

Developing a Greens’ position on anti-semitism

As a party fundamentally opposed to all forms of bigotry and discrimination, the Greens must have a clear framework for understanding and combatting antisemitism. The J-Greens in Victoria have developed a statement that can be used to guide a Greens’ position, anchored in our values and responsibility as a party committed to justice.

Now more than ever, our global gender equity work matters

As a party, we work to create a better world for everyone – and that doesn’t stop at home. Over the past three years, the Australian Greens’ International Development Committee has helped train more than 150 women leaders in the Asia-Pacific and Middle East. They’re doing amazing work, and they’re only getting started.