Green Magazine

May 2020


A chance to reset

Right now is a crucial moment – a chance to reset – and it calls for climate champions like you.

Doing politics differently

The Australian Greens are very proud to say the party is now led by an office bearer group made up entirely of women.

What we do next matters

Right now, we have a chance to map our way out of the jobs and economic crisis and into a fairer, more sustainable future.

Also this month

Australia’s migration system and COVID-19

Refugees and people seeking asylum have been among the hardest hit by the COVID-19 crisis – and a great deal of it is due to deliberate government neglect. But, as ever, the Greens are fighting for everyone the government has abandoned.

Jack Mundey: why the inspiration lives on

Earlier this month, activist and Greens legend Jack Mundey passed away aged 90. Former senator Lee Rhiannon shares his story and reminds us of his extraordinary achievements that have left a lasting impact on the Greens and beyond.