Green Magazine

February 2019


Powered by the people: we need you!

Real progress happens when people come together – particularly as we approach the federal election. So we’re putting the call-out for volunteers!

A global learning experience down under

Every two years, global Green parties come together to share ideas, learn about campaigning and discuss issues. So what did they get out of it this time?

Cotton, corruption and climate change

The catastrophic state of the Murray Darling isn’t due to drought. It’s due to corporate greed and political incompetence – but it’s not too late to fix it.

Also this month

Our democracy is not for sale

Over the past six years, the two major parties have accepted more than $100 million in political donations from big corporations. That means they’re beholden to the interests of the big banks and mining companies, not what’s best for all Australians – and enough is enough.

20 Questions with Jasmyn Sheppard

Jasmyn Sheppard is the Queensland delegate for the Blak Greens, the Australian Greens’ First Nations Committee. She shares what makes her tick, from her admiration of Meanjin matriarchs to her secret indulgence in the Betoota Advocate.