Green Magazine

September 2022


What you need to know about the Burrup Hub

The scale of threat posed by the many interconnected fossil fuel projects in WA’s Pilbara region is staggering, and yet we’ve stopped talking about it as a whole: the Burrup Hub. Now, it’s time to zoom out again, look at the whole picture and do whatever we can to halt the massive destruction unfolding in the west.

People like us

Refugees are largely and eagerly characterised in this country as shady, illegitimate freeloaders to be kept out at all costs. As the Greens’ National Communications Officer and child of refugees Joana Partyka writes, there are many fine-tuned mechanisms in place to make sure it stays that way; to make sure we don’t regard refugees as people like us.

Who do we want to be as a country?

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks to say the least! As Adam Bandt explains, the death of Queen Elizabeth II has prompted some tough but necessary conversations in this country: the transition to a republic, the urgent need for Treaty, and so much more.

Also this month

Creating a nation we can all celebrate

The British Empire declared the first war on these shores – a war that continues today and targets First Nations children, women, men, land and water. Now, as Senator Lidia Thorpe asks with incredulity, the colonising force is asking First Nations people to kneel with their hands on their hearts over the death of the Empire’s figurehead?

An Australian head of state

The death of Queen Elizabeth II this month has reignited debate about the relevance of the monarchy in 21st century Australia. Now it is time for us to have a discussion, as a nation, about an Australian head of state.

Pakistan at a climate crossroads

Right now, Pakistan is in the news due to massive flooding, monsoon rains and melting glaciers. The country needs urgent support – and the Australian Greens are calling on the Albanese Government to step in.