Green Magazine

December 2018


Why higher education in Australia should be free

Under the Greens‘ transformative new plan, university and TAFE graduates can start their lives debt-free. Here’s why that’s something worth fighting for.

Reflections on a global year

The past few months have been a flurry of activity and achievements for the Global Issues Working Group (GIG) – with some exciting work on the horizon, too.

Looking back on a year of extremes

2018 is winding up – and what a year it’s been. But as we get into the new year, we’re going to need your help more than ever.

Also this month

How democratic is the Australian system of government, really?

Australia is often touted as having one of the most robust models of democracy in the world. But how does it really compare to that of other progressive countries?

Lessons and learnings from the Victorian state election

With some devastating losses around the state, the Victorian election didn’t play out quite as hoped. But as Victorian Greens leader Samantha Ratnam observes, from the disappointments come some lessons, learnings and hope.