Green Magazine

June 2020


What you need to know about the EOFY

At this time of year, you’re probably getting letters and emails from organisations asking for a tax deductible donation. What does that actually mean?

The union movement, racism and a Green New Deal

Union organiser and former national co-convenor Rebecca Galdies discusses why unions need to step up against racism and why that’s critical to a Green New Deal.

Ready for the rest of 2020

This year has felt like being in a washing machine: hard to know which way is up. But now our party is ready and energised for a huge finish to 2020.

Also this month

Suffocated by the status quo

For Aboriginal people, racism begins at birth. And as the Greens’ incoming senator Lidia Thorpe explains, it’s up to all of us to unpack the conscious and unconscious racial bias that plagues our justice system.

Supporting gender equity in Asia-Pacific and Middle East Green parties

Women uniquely face key challenges of social, economic and political inequity throughout the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions. That’s why the Australian Greens’ work to motivate, support, inspire and train women to step up to leadership roles is so critical.