Green Magazine

March 2021


They’ll outspend us – again

Have you noticed we’ve been asking for donations more than usual over the past months? Here’s why.

Fight for the future

This month we launched our Fight for the Future plan, of which Adam Bandt shares three key planks: a jobs guarantee, renewable energy and taxing billionaires.

Getting to know our new MPs: Rebecca Vassarotti

In this latest installment of our series that introduces our newest MPs, we speak to Member for Kurrajong Rebecca Vassarotti.

Also this month

Enough is enough

Earlier this month, long-held rage at systemic sexism boiled over into the powerful #March4Justice movement around the country. Community campaigner Mads De Jong attended the march in Canberra, and shares her experiences, her observations as a parliamentary staffer, and her belief that things may be different this time.

Let's talk about billionaires

While everyone else suffers through this pandemic, the billionaires and big corporations are making out like bandits. In this excerpt from his remarks to the Australian Greens National Conference this month, Adam Bandt explains why the mere existence of billionaires is bad for all of us, and shares our plan to make things fairer.