Green Magazine

October 2020


A green wave of hope

2020 is the toughest year in memory for many of us. But what we’re seeing now is a green wave across the country – and for the first time in a long time, hope.

Empowering Greens around the world

Many Green parties are still emerging and lack resources. This year the Asia Pacific Greens developed customisable Green policy frameworks to help empower them.

There’s no time left not to do everything

Continuing a supplicant politics, where we beg or demand of governments that they act, is both destined to fail and underplaying our hand.

Also this month

How will eligible Australians vote in the US election?

On November 3, the US will go to the polls to decide whether Donald Trump is returned for a second term or if Joe Biden takes his place. Five Australian Greens members with a US vote consider whether they should offer solidarity to the Greens or the more centrist Democrats.

A budget for some of us

This year we’ve faced a global pandemic and an economic crisis – not to mention the spiralling climate emergency and the many pre-existing fault lines in our society. Now, we've got this year’s budget. In this abridged version of his budget in reply speech, Nick McKim explains why it’s nothing more than a neoliberal trainwreck.