Mining and Resource Extraction


NT Greens want management of our shared, non-renewable resources that respects traditional ownership and biodiversity conservation.

We plan for a robust economy built on diverse sectors. This includes a mining sector that both meets high standards and delivers long term benefits to the wider community. All mining operations in the NT should pay a fair royalty on the value of minerals accessed.

Resource projects should maximise local employment, while protecting our natural environment.

Resource extraction rates should be managed to ensure the greatest benefit to current and future generations, guided by rigorous independent impact assessment.

Soil is a valuable natural resource that must be carefully managed to maintain fertility and health.

Most mining is incompatible with many other land uses and therefore needs to be evaluated based on comprehensive natural resource mapping, strategic planning and rigorous independent impact assessment


We will prioritise Territory labour, skills and businesses at every stage of extractive industry projects.

Regulation of extractive industries must conform to the principles of open and honest government, including transparent Mining Management Plans.

We will give preference to onshore processing that adds value to minerals using renewable energy and innovative technology

The mineral royalty regime should factor value, not just profit. A 10% ad-valorem floor on royalties will guarantee that all mining operations pay a fair royalty to the NT.

Some resources are better left safely locked in the ground.
When it comes to dirty energy fuels, our position is absolute:

Shale gas fracking poses unacceptable risks to Australia's climate, land, and water - as well as industries such as pastoralism and tourism. NT Greens want a total permanent ban on fracking.

The nuclear industry presents unmanageable hazards. There is currently no uranium mining in NT, and the Greens want a total permanent ban to keep it that way.

The Planning Act must be amended to prohibit exploration, mining and drilling in residential areas, on good quality agricultural land and in areas of high nature conservation value.    

We will strengthen rights for landholders regarding access, negotiation, appeal and compensation in all their dealings with mining and resources companies - including the right to say “no” to exploration or mining on their land.

Relevant departments must be adequately equipped to monitor and enforce requirements and conditions of resource industry authorisations, and increase penalties for non-compliance.

Regional water resource management plans must be developed ahead of any new extractive operation, to understand the cumulative impact on surface and groundwater.


New resource projects must prioritise renewable energy sources for milling and processing.

Greenhouse emissions from other energy use – including transport and blasting – must be openly reported and fully offset


Any area that has been mined must have biodiversity restored to as close to a pre-mined condition as possible. We will:

  • Develop enforceable NT Mine Closure Plan Codes to give operators certainty and a level playing field
  • Ensure any disturbance is restored to a condition agreed as acceptable by the community and the long-term land managers
  • Require full closure planning for any new project, with clearly articulated completion criteria, a comprehensive rehabilitation plan and financial provision for closure commitments
  • Require mining rehabilitation bonds to be based on high-quality evidence, routinely reviewed, set at the full cost of rehabilitation and verified by open and transparent means
  • Ensure the same rigorous independent monitoring and compliance required of mining operations prevails during the rehabilitation phase.