Workers and Industrial Relations


­The NT Greens support equal pay for work of equal value.

Everyone has the right to access work that is safe, socially useful and personally rewarding.

Our economy should prioritise employment over profit.

All workers are entitled to fair minimum wages and secure employment.

Migrant and temporary workers must enjoy the same workplace rights as other workers.

Rapid technological advancement, and the urgent need to cut carbon emissions, is changing the requirements of the workforce. We will invest in training and reskilling to prepare workers for a just transition to this new economy.

Unwaged workers such as volunteer, community and caring work deserve the same rights as other workers.

Unions must be allowed to operate with minimal regulation to ensure their effectiveness in guaranteeing workers rights.

Everyone has the right to be a member of a union.

We will:

Limit MLA salary changes to the median wage.

Ensure workplaces are free from discrimination and intimidation.

Address shortcomings in anti-discrimination legislation that create barriers to equal access to work and equal pay.

Ensure that relevant training and skills development is made available to all workers without loss of pay or cost to workers.

Welfare, under-employment and the Working Poor

Support the development of a national Guaranteed Adequate Income, which will ensure a livable income and simplify all income support, including pensions and allowances.

Replace CDP with real jobs, by employing local people to perform services for their communities.

(see – remote communities policy)

In recognition of under-employment, create a Low Income Card so that under-employed and low income workers can access the NT Concession Scheme.

Sex Workers

Sex workers deserve the same rights and respect as any other worker, and sex worker organisations must be consulted on changes to regulation.

Fully decriminalise and professionalise sex work, so that sex workers can access the same rights and entitlements as any other workers, and are entitled to operate without requirement for any specific registration and oversight by government agencies.

Ensuring workplace health and safety standards and anti-discrimination protections for sex work are implemented across the industry.

Sex workers must have the right to operate without the requirement for registration and specific oversight by government agencies.

Amend the NT Anti-Discrimination Act to ensure ‘sex workers’ and ‘sex work’ are listed as protected attributes, and protect current and former sex workers from vilification.