Cassy O’Connor

MLA for Hobart

In May 2024, the people of Hobart elected a new MLC to represent them in Tasmania’s Legislative Council.

I am the Greens’ first ever Member in the Upper House. Together we made history in Hobart!

For 15 years I had the great honour of representing Hobart’s people in Tasmania’s House of Assembly. I’ve been the Leader of the Tasmanian Greens, and Minister for Aboriginal Affairs, Human Services, Climate Change and Community Development. 

I worked hard to be a strong, trusted voice - for this island and its people - with courage and integrity.  I saw every day as an opportunity to work across politics and with the community to drive positive change - and I still do. 

I understand how Parliament works, how to negotiate good outcomes, and hold government to account. I know how to speak truth to power.

I’ll fight for fairness - a world-class health system and public schools that protect and nourish the wellbeing of our children.

I hear the people of Hobart who say they want affordable rents and homes for Tasmanians over a massive stadium on our historic waterfront.

I’ll keep being a voice for our great city, its natural environment, urban forests, life-giving river and wild kunanyi.

With your support, we can do this. 

Cassy O’Connor


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Cassy O'Connor



Cassy O'Connor


298 Argyle Street

North Hobart TAS 700

Phone (03) 62342721