Cecily Rosol

Candidate for Bass

When I learned about climate change in high school in the nineties, I was so concerned I committed to reducing my impact on the earth wherever I could. Meanwhile in my professional work, first as a registered nurse and now as a counsellor, I have supported people through the hard times of life.

Standing for the Greens brings these two threads together. As a support candidate for Bass, I will speak up for the earth and our natural places that sustain us. I will also advocate for those who are doing life tough.

I will take action to protect our wild places from destruction. And I will call for greater spending on the services we all need to live well.

Tasmania is an incredible place, and we should all have enough to live safely, with a healthy environment, secure housing, quality health care and good education. That’s what we all deserve, and that’s what I am standing for.