Darren Briggs

Lead Candidate for Braddon

Emergency doctor and GP

When I learnt about climate change in high school in the 1980s, it was defining moment for me. As a doctor, I am up to date with medical evidence and am well aware that climate change is making us sick.

The health of the Tasmanian environment and tackling the climate emergency is critical to the health and wellbeing of its people. The climate emergency is a health emergency.

Pre-existing medical conditions are made worse, others are becoming more frequent - like asthma, emphysema, heart attacks, strokes, mental health complaints and some infectious diseases among others - due to increasing heat, bushfire smoke and other effects of climate change.

I was proud to be one of the 250 doctors who wrote to the Premier, asking him to put the health of Tasmanians first by protecting Tasmania’s carbon stores and ending native forest logging.

As both a doctor and father, I understand it is essential to make socially-just, environmentally sustainable decisions. As a small tourist accommodation operator, I can also see first-hand how protecting our wild places, which make the North West so special, also makes economic sense.

I am standing for the Greens because they, ultimately, put the long term health of people first - my kids, your kids, our family and friends.