Alyssa Weaver

State Candidate for Narracan

Hi, I'm Alyssa Weaver.

I am a local disability support worker and children's book author, ready to represent the needs of the community in parliament.

As a young person fortunate enough to be building their first home in the area, I’ve felt the pressure that has come from the rising cost of living, the lack of investment in healthcare and transport, and how little has been done to help the people of our electorate.

We have some of the most beautiful natural environments in the state, with lakes, forests and snowfields that attract visitors and are enjoyed by locals every day. Only the Greens are committed to protecting these areas by ending dependence on coal and gas, preserving our environment and a job-for-job guarantee for coal workers.

Your vote is powerful, and together we can ease the pressure on hard-working families and build a better future for all.

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