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Make Housing Affordable

Victoria is in a housing crisis. We can make housing more affordable, so everyone can have a home of their own.

No coal and gas in Victoria

We need to push Labor in Victoria to get off coal and gas.

Let's End Homelessness

Everyone should have a safe and secure place to call home. We need to commit to ending homelessness in Victoria.

Create an anti-racist Victoria

Join us to combat racism and white supremacy.

Protecting Victoria's Animals

All animals deserve our care and respect. Greens in Victoria have a long track record of advocating for animals in Victorian Parliament.

Ban dangerous rat poisons

It's time to ban dangerous, wildlife-killing rat poisons.

Save Victoria's oceans from oil and gas drilling

Tell Victorian Labor they must ban oil and gas drilling in Victoria.

End native forest logging in Victoria

We need to protect what’s left of Victoria’s precious ancient native forests, for the future of our threatened species.

All women deserve to access safety from abuse

Tell the government Victoria needs a culturally specific women’s refuge