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Our State. Not For Sale.

The Victorian Labor Government are selling off important public assets, just like former Liberal Premier Jeff Kennett did.

Stop The West Gate Toll Road

We all want a clean and livable city. The West Gate Toll Road will entrench car and truck use for decades, contributing to pollution and congestion


We are the only Commonwealth nation in the world that does not have a treaty with its First Peoples. It‘s time for Victoria to lead the way.

Stop the Pokies Pain

Pokies are engineered to be addictive. They are programmed by mathematicians so that the house will always win at the end of the day.

Pill testing saves lives

We’re not just going to sit by and watch people die needlessly. It's time to legalise high quality, lab-grade pill testing in Victoria.

Greyhound Racing

Tell the Victorian Racing Minister that greyhound racing is completely unacceptable.

Plastic Free Sea

Victorians love our beautiful beaches but more and more plastic pollution is choking them and the creatures that call them home. We must act now.

Fostering our Shared Future

Our most vulnerable children and young people need safe care and support in order to heal from significant trauma and lead healthy, productive lives.

Compost Not Landfill

Food waste should never be allowed to rot in landfill. That's why we have a plan to compost food waste from every Victorian household. Join our campaign.