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100% Renewable Victoria

Read our plan and join the campaign for a 100% renewable Victoria

End native forest logging in Victoria

We need to protect what’s left of Victoria’s precious ancient native forests, for the future of our threatened species.

A home for all

The Greens have a plan to make sure every Victorian has a place to call home.

Recycling Revolution

We are facing a waste crisis. Tens of thousands of tonnes of recyclables are being dumped into landfill, and our waterways and wildlife are choking on plastics.

Transforming Transport

The Greens have a plan to put communities first, and create a transport network that all Victorians can rely on, no matter where you live.

Ban Dodgy Donations

Local councillors should make decisions in the best interest of the community, not powerful lobby groups.

Pill testing

It’s time to introduce pill testing in Victoria.

More trains & trams

Call for more ‘turn up and go’ train and tram services.

Treaty Now

It’s time for treaty and for a powerful indigenous voice inside parliament!