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Add your voice and help build a future for all Victorians.

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Raise the Age Open Letter

Children should be cared for and protected – not locked up in prison cells.

Create an anti-racist Victoria

Join us to combat racism and white supremacy.

Stop Labor’s Electric Vehicle Tax

Victoria should be making electric vehicles cheaper, not more expensive.

It's time for a Green New Deal

A Green New Deal is our economic recovery plan for Victoria that tackles inequality and climate change, while creating the jobs we need.

Let’s get off gas, Victoria

Victoria has everything we need to stop using gas, and doing it would create thousands of jobs.

Tell Coke and Lion!

We can design a successful ‘cash for cans’ program that benefits the environment – but not if the Victorian Government gives in to the corporate bullies.

Revive Our Local Shopping Strips

We must provide a lifeline to our vibrant local shopping strips to support small businesses and create jobs.

Victoria Cares

With more people than ever needing help and support, now is the time to invest in the caring economy.