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Our State. Not For Sale.

The Victorian Labor Government are selling off important public assets, just like former Liberal Premier Jeff Kennett did.

Stop The West Gate Toll Road

We all want a clean and livable city. The West Gate Toll Road will entrench car and truck use for decades, contributing to pollution and congestion


We are the only Commonwealth nation in the world that does not have a treaty with its First Peoples. It‘s time for of Victoria to lead to lead the way.

Stop the Pokies Pain

Pokies are engineered to be addictive. They are programmed by mathematicians so that the house will always win at the end of the day.

Save the sacred gum trees

The Government is proposing to cut down over 260 ancient gum trees, including sacred Tjap Wurrung sites at Langi Ghiran for the widening of the Western Highway.

Fix Footscray Hospital

Footscray Hospital is dangerously unfit for service. Resuscitations happen in the hallway because modern medical equipment cannot fit into the cubicles.

Plastic Free Sea

Victorians love our beaches. But plastic pollution is putting them – and entire marine ecosystems – at risk. We must act now.

Save Public Housing

Everyone Victorian should have a place to call home.

Fix Housing

Melbourne’s housing is in crisis. It’s time to fix our housing crisis by getting our Governments at every level to make real changes.