Andrew Henley

State Candidate for Evelyn

Hi, I'm Andrew Henley

I’m a Mooroolbark local, and love living here with my family. My experience in education drives my passion for justice, and to ensure our kids have the best opportunities.

Our community has been neglected by the major parties. Developers and big business have had too much influence in our politics, so the infrastructure we need to improve our health and education systems has been ignored.

The Greens understand the challenges facing Victoria, and how to address them. With your support, I will help push to end special treatment for big property developers, build more affordable homes and end out-of-control rent rises.

The cost of living and the climate emergency present two parallel crises to our time. Families and young people in Evelyn continue to be concerned about the liveability of our area. Your vote is powerful - the Greens will put people before profit.