Hsiang-Han Hsieh

Hi, I'm Hsiang.

I am a doctor working in mental health, a migrant, and a local in the Oakleigh district. I believe in working together towards a better future for us all. I have seen first-hand how unstable and unaffordable housing, financial stress, and lack of access to preventative health measures leads to further social inequality and worse outcomes for individuals, families, and communities. The Greens have a plan to address these challenges.

I understand how our health system needs significant investment that both supports the people in the sector, as well as relieving the pressure on our hospitals and emergency services.

As your Greens representative, I will push for meaningful action on the climate emergency by phasing out coal and gas for renewables by 2030.

We need a government that stands for transparency and integrity, and listens to our communities. Your vote is powerful.