Sonya Semmens

Federal Candidate for Higgins

Hi, I'm Sonya

It's time for a progressive representative in Higgins. As a local parent and educator, I understand what matters to our community and will fight for a more secure future for us and our children. 

I am a lifelong advocate for social and ecological justice and through my work as an NGO consultant I know that when big corporations and billionaires pay their fair share of tax, we can get dental and mental health into Medicare, and ensure everyone has a secure, well paid job and an affordable home. As one of the most winnable seats in the country, Higgins has an opportunity to put the Greens in balance of power. Then together we can push the next government to make vigorous investment in renewables, and go further and faster on the climate crisis.

I'll stand up for the issues that matter most to people in Higgins - a safe and prosperous community, and a country we can be proud to hand on to our children.