Sonya Semmens for Macnamara

Credit: Pat Whelen, Unsplash

Hi, I’m Sonya, your Greens candidate for Macnamara.

I’m a mum, NGO consultant and small business owner and I’m thrilled to be your candidate this election! 

Our electorate of Macnamara is one of the closest contests nationwide, and the Greens are just 300 votes away from winning this seat.

All eyes across the country will be on our community in Macnamara. Change is possible, and who Macnamara chooses to represent them could impact the entire election and our nation’s future.

I’m looking forward to giving my community a real choice at the next election: a safe climate future, or more coal and gas? Affordable housing, or unlimited rent increases and skyrocketing house prices thanks to massive tax handouts for wealthy property investors?

It’s clear Labor doesn’t have the will to tackle the massive problems we face in climate and cost of living, and the only way to get positive change is to put more Greens in the parliament.

We’ll fight for real action on the housing crisis, a rent freeze, for no more coal and gas and to tax big corporations so we can fund dental and mental health care.

Change is possible. The first step is voting for someone who will fight for you and what you believe in.