Our Campaigns

Protect and care for our animals

We have a duty of care to minimise the suffering of animals resulting from human activity.

Justice for First Nations Peoples

Justice for First Nations peoples is 230 years overdue. Help us achieve it now.

Make early childhood education free

NSW is being left behind when it comes to early childhood education. We need to increase funding to this critical service.

Restore our national parks

Help protect our priceless environmental resources that should be completely protected from destructive activities.

Protect our marine environments

NSW’s marine environments are precious, fragile – and under threat. We need to take action now.

Stop the sell-off of public assets

Help us stop the mass privatisation of our state’s vital public assets.

Make TAFE free

It’s time to revive TAFE and make it accessible for everyone.

Solve the waste crisis

Successive governments have created an urgent waste crisis in NSW – one we must act to fix now.

Climate action and renewable energy

NSW is in the midst of a climate emergency. We must act now to hand the next generation a sustainable future.